Announcing the Official Launch of Darworms


I am launching Darworms, a totally free web based port of the games Worms? which I wrote in 1982 on an Atari 800. Electronic Arts published Worms? in May of 1983 as one of the company's launch titles. Darworms is a one to four player strategy game of territory capture. darworms screenshot 600x617


Why would anyone want to spend time recreating a 36 year old video game that was a relative commercial flop when it shipped even with a massive Electronic Arts ad campaign behind the launch titles?

  • For fun but, alas, probably not for profit
  • I enjoy coding
  • I retired in 2017.
  • I want to learn front-end development, JavaScript (ES6), modern frontend development practices, HTML 5 and canvas graphics
  • The existence of the browser platform which offers the potential of frictionless distribution to billions of people intrigues me.
  • I wanted a project that might enable meaningful comparisons between the 1980's and now for software development, user platforms, software distribution, and software marketing.
  • Even though I know the game will not appeal to all audiences, I also know from experience a small subset of the audience (hello geeks and nerds) will find the game fascinating. The original Worms? had a small but dedicated cult following.
  • I still find the game interesting. For example even though the game is entirely deterministic, I have no idea whether the player who moves first in a two player game has an advantage.
  • I want to compare and contrast independent game development in the 80's versus today. Development tool and process, and distribution and marketing strategies.
  • I want to see if a being "Software Artist" is a viable goal today. Is it possible for a one man shop to create, publish, distribute and market a casual game today. Is it possible to make enough money to at least cover costs?

Please, if you like abstract strategy games. check out Darworms and let me know what you think. If you like it please share it. Thank you.

You can find a short 6 minute tutorial on YouTube

Are you interested in comparisons between the experience of being a Software Artist in 1982 versus today? You can read my blog post here